scott presenting shirtScott MacLean, a long time Physiologix client, came to us last year, having been selected to compete at the Invictus Games to be held in Toronto 2017.  The Invictus Games is an international adaptive sport competition using the power of sport to motivate recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding of the sacrifices made by the men and women who serve their country.  Scott was selected for the archery event, not just as a competitor but as Australia’s Archery Captain.

Scott wanted us to assist him prepare his body so that he could both train and compete to the very best of his ability.  He was well on track until 7 weeks prior to departure he sustained an almost competition ending shoulder injury.  Hard work over that next 7 weeks with Teryn Buna, our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, saw him make a total recovery with just 3 days left before he departed.  It was a very stressful time for Scott who had put so much into his preparation to get this far.  But again his dedication and hard work with his physiotherapy rehab and many hours in the Physiologix Pilates gym saw him through – a huge achievement just in itself.

yoga pose corrected webDo you answer yes to more than one of these questions: 

1) can you or have you been able in the past, to place your hands flat on the floor without bending your knees

2) can you or have you been able in the past bend your thumb back to touch your forearm

3) as a child did you amuse your friends by contorting your body into strange shapes or could you do the splits

4) as a child did your shoulder or kneecap dislocation more than 1 occasion

5) do you consider yourself double jointed

If you answered yes to more than 2 of theses questions there is a chance that you are hypermobile.  This means that your connective tissue is more stretchy naturally than someone who has always been stiff.  This is great in many ways, you are the group that manage yoga so well, that are good at gymnastics and ballet.  But there are many difficulties that accompany hypermobility which predispose you to pain and injury.  At Physiologix we have a special interest in working with people with this condition and here we list some of the issues you need to be aware of.

Fatigue:  If you are stiff it is easy to keep your body in a position, you don’t need to use your muscles much.  If you are hypermobile, it is easy for you to slump, lean on an elbow, hang off one hip when you stand.  You do this as your muscles have to work so hard to keep you in good posture – there is no stiffness to do it for you. You get tired and you fall into bad postures, so much easier to do, but sadly terrible for your body long term. Ligaments and tendons become stretched and can ache, bursitis can occur to protect things, joints ache.  Learning what is good posture, how to sleep, sit, stand, walk, will help protect the joints when you do these activites, greatly alleviating pain.

nordic polesKirsty McNab, our Sports Physiotherapist gives as an insight to using walking poles:  

I just returned after 2 weeks in Russia, climbing Mt Elbrus, Russia and Europe’s highest mountain at 5642m.  It had been 20 years since I had done any mountaineering with crampons and ice boots and set off to scramble up a very high mountain! The big difference this time (from all those years ago) was I used Nordic trekking poles - I could not have done it without them.

Nordic poles keep you upright and tall as you walk, helping take strain off your knees, hips, back and neck……and coming downhill - WOW - they save your knees and help your balance. They conserve energy in your legs - to any trekker over distance they are a must.

And their use in protecting your joints just in every day tasks is no laughing matter. I have a client in her late 30’s trying to stave off hip surgery - she is totally pain free as long as she walks with the poles. The poles totally change how she walks and therefore the forces through her worn joint. The same happened with another client in her late 50’s trying to put off a total knee replacement - she is so pleased to have less pain that she even uses 1 of the poles to walk around the office.

Poles are expensive, hire them (we have a pair at Physiologix), or borrow a pair to try them out before spending the money to buy them from a trekking store.

Top Tips for Using Nordic Walking Poles:

You can now hire walking poles from us at Physiologix and our staff can teach you how to use them. But here are just a few tips on how to use them to best affect:

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