3 stages of bunion
Bunions, or Hallux Valgus if you want the medical term, are a condition where the metatarsal bone of the foot and the first bone of the big toe, the proximal phalangeal, start to change angle so the big toe starts to point in towards the other toes. Long term it develops to become a very painful condition making it hard to walk and uncomfortable to wear many pairs of shoes. Eventually surgery is often required, an operation that requires a fair bit of pain (feet are very sensitive) and a long rehab stint. Not wanting to go down this path? Can we do anything to help prevent the condition worsening? Of course you can.
These are bones and as always there are muscles in the area that should be supporting the bones and helping to keep them in alignment. To stop the bunion, we need to really put a lot of work into these muscles.


walking dogAs we round the corner into winter, it’s easy to hibernate and let workouts fall to the wayside.  I challenge you to break this routine this year, and fill the gaps with the “good enough” workout (as inspired by Dr. Peter Janiszewski, Obesity Panacea). 

Often when you miss one workout, practice or activity, it takes a lot more motivation to get back to the next one.  With each missed session, the hurdle to get back just gets bigger and bigger.   So to overcome this, the goal of the “Good Enough” workout is to simply do SOMETHING. Often these workouts will be slower, shorter and with less enthusiasm, but doing something will make it easier to get back to your usual routine and normal energetic self.

woman phone injuryPlease read the article below (written brilliantly by Michael Prain) and pass it on to all the parents you know. We have to think about what the i-technology era is doing to our own and more importantly our kids spines. If we don't look after our children's spines now, we are setting them up for a future of bad health, headaches, pain, medications and health practitioner visits, possible disability and difficulty working.....the list goes on.

I have also listed a few ideas of just a couple of things you can do to help prevent issues which we tried to have published as well.
Most of you know I am crazy passionate about PREVENTION!. I am always delighted to come and talk at any parents/group evening about this and things for parents to know and understand when it comes to preventing postural issues. Call us any time. It is up to the parents out there to get this issue recognised and taken seriously - certainly in the short term it will be you paying for treatment for the child but worse still having an unhappy child at home!

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