pilates reformer ex smallPhysiologix is now offering a much larger range of sessions. All the Pilates is run and supervised ONLY by highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists. Firstly they will ensure you are able to activate your deep muscles correctly using ultrasound imaging, cutting edge technology. This is essential if you are to gain the full benefit of Pilates.  They will then set up an individualised program specific to your issues, injuries, weaknesses and concerns.  You then have a range of options again depending on your confidence, ability and affordability.   Physiologix offers Pilates classes (max 6 people), smaller 3 person groups, orone to one sessions.  The sessions utilise specialised equipment and exercises to ensure recovery and strengthening of muscles essential to having a stable, strong body.

Michelle Klaassen physiotherapist at Physiologix (here in The Gap) outlines that the key to Pilates is core stability.  “The core is essential to ensuring a strong and stable body” she says.  “The core is the trunk and pelvis.  There are deep muscles that should preset before you move to keep the spine and pelvis stable. Injury, pain and prolonged periods of rest or sitting can result in dysfunction in these muscles.

tennis elbowTennis elbow (TE) is the most common elbow condition we see in the physio clinic. It is characterised by pain on the outside of the elbow and most prevalent between the ages 30-60. Although common in tennis players you do not need to have played tennis to get this condition. It is caused by an acute or progressive overload to the common extensor tendons in your forearm that perform wrist extension or lifting the wrist up. Some examples of overload may include after a weekend of excessive gardening, a busy period at work of typing and mouse work, lifting weights incorrectly and technique problems during sports.

You do not require any scans or investigations to diagnose TE. Your physiotherapist will perform a number of tests to confidently diagnose this condition. You can even diagnose TE yourself with these following positive tests:

  1. Pain to push on the bony prominence on the outside of your elbow
  2. Pain to resist against lifting up your wrist or middle finger with a straight elbow.
  3. Pain on the outside of your elbow with gripping an object.

wrist extension exerciseTreatment may be as simple as rest from aggravating activities and some advice regarding modifications to your daily habits, work station set up, gipping action and sporting technique. Taping, bracing and self-mobilisations can often work really-well to help decrease pain. A progressive strengthening exercise program is advised so you can build up the capacity of your wrist extensor tendons to prevent a recurrence.  You should be seeing significant improvement in pain and function around 8-12 weeks. Cortisone injections have been shown to have no additional benefit to physiotherapy for TE and in fact there was less improvement and greater recurrence in patients receiving cortisone injection compared to physiotherapy alone. Only 5-10% of TE patients undergo surgery which is reserved as an absolute last resort in those who do not respond to physiotherapy treatment.

If you think you may have tennis elbow make sure to see make an appointment with one of our physiotherapists who can help get rid of your pain and make you a rehabilitation plan. Please phone our friendly reception staff on (07) 3511-1112 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. We are located upstairs at The Gap Racquet and Health Club, 200 Settlement Road.

Massage is a commonly used complementary therapy to provide relaxation and relief from the painful symptoms of cancer. Research has demonstrated up to 70% of cancer patient use massage to improve their everyday life.

Why Oncology Massage?
For symptom management, research has shown Oncology Massage improves quality of life for people with a history or diagnosis of cancer.  It reduces the side effects experienced from conventional treatment interventions for cancer, as well as the symptoms of the disease process itself.  

Research (Cassileth and Vicker (2004)) has found that Light Touch Massage can bring about improvements in:

            –  pain 

            –  fatigue 

            –  nausea 

            –  anxiety and depression 

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