brain trainingIn the past we have been taught many different ways to help pain caused by an injury, maybe ice, rest, pain killers, stretching, to name a few. But how the brain detects what is happening in the body and as a result spits out a “I am hurting” message is becoming more and more realised.

In a recent study into tendon injuries, it has been shown that you can change the part of the brain that feels sensation by doing different types of exercises.

pilates photo webPilates: Perfect For a Fit and Healthy Body

How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Getting fit and healthy has been the aim for so many of us. Exercise should be seen like a balanced diet: you need bits of everything, cardio, strength, balance, flexibility to name a few.

Pilates is one of the ways you can achieve several different components of fitness in one. 

Whether you are rehabilitating from an injury, wanting better core strength, wanting to get back into exercise without injury, maybe wanting an adjunct to your other aspects of fitness, Pilates has got something fore everyone. 

The Australian Institute of Sport long ago realized the importance of good core, control and stability and provided a Pilates instructor for its athletes.  Pilates has got the potential to improve performance as well as prevent injury.

At Physiologix (upstairs at the Gap Health and Raquet Club), our small, supervised, physio run Pilates classes are highly in demand, with so many people realizing the importance of this amazing form of exercise.  We have increased our classes and will continue to increase our classes to try to provide a specialized and individualized session at times that best suit you: we have launched even more early and late classes as well as more sessions through the day.

All our clients are taken through a one to one initial session with the physio to assess any specific issues. In this session we will also utilise ultrasound imaging to show you your deep core muscles and how to activate them correctly – sadly this is so often done wrong with many people using incorrect strategies when trying to contract these muscles. To find out more about please call our friendly staff with any questions on (07) 3511 1112 or email us from our website Old, young, sporty or not, pilates provides many of the essential components for a fit and healthy body!


iphone neckiPhone neck? Yes, you heard it right. And no, HTC and Samsung users are not safe! 

Happy New Year everyone for us all at Physiologix. Guess like me you sent a lot of txts to wish everyone best wishes over the festive season along with a bunch of other things on your phone. So thought we all needed to be aware of what your phone can do to you! YES! PHYSICALLY IT CAN HURT YOU! And maybe a few things to think about when reviewing those new year resolutions, like " Think phone, Think posture". A recent study published by Dr. Kenneth K Hansraj looked at the forces on our necks while we look at our mobile phones, and the results might make you put down your phone (after reading this of course!). The human head weighs on average 4.5 to 6.8 kgs, and when you sit in proper posture, it exerts minimal force on the neck. This study found that the more we bend our heads down, the more force is placed on our necks. Essentially, if we bend our heads forward 60 degrees, it is equal to 27 kg of force on our necks. That’s the equivalent to having a small child sit on your neck while sending a text! 

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