stay healthy while you travelWith the festive season and summer holidays under way, many of us are thinking about taking little (or big!) adventures to visit family, check out a new little camping spot, or fly overseas for a little winter trip. Traveling can be hard on the body, and so we’ve come up with a list of PHYSIO travel tips to help you stay as comfortable as possible so that you can have a fantastic time with your festivities.


Whether you’re traveling by car, plane or by bus, make sure to sit in an optimal posture to keep comfortable and to prevent possible injury. Consider investing in travel neck pillow or a lumbar roll to help keep your spine in neutral. You can also improvise a lumbar roll by placing a rolled up sweater or blanket behind the small of your back to help counter the unfortunate seats they have in cars and planes.


Drink plenty of water to keep your muscles hydrated, your skin fresh and your respiratory system ready to fight any illness. Low humidity in airplanes can lead to dehydration, which can be easily prevented by sipping on water periodically during the flight.


anterior knee painPatello-femoral pain is pain related to the knee cap at the front of the knee.  It is unfortunately a complaint that we often see at Physiologix.  It can occur in all age groups from kids to teenagers, to adults both young and old.  Often pain is aggravated by activities such as walking, running, squatting, stairs and prolonged siting. A recent review has tied together the best evidence from only very good quality studies as well as from some of the worlds leading clinicians in this area.  Several definite themes came through for successful treatment for what can be a difficult condition to treat.

The number one thing is as a patient your treatment must be active not passive.  You have a big role in doing exercises if you want a chance of success.  Number two: treatment has to be multifactorial, that is, a combination of approaches need to be put together for best chance of success. Number three: stop aggravating the pain – understand what is making the pain worse, change it so you actually give the area a chance to heal.

So what exercises are best? 


teryn headshot webPhysiologix Keeps Getting Bigger and Better – Welcome to Teryn. Teryn Buna is the newest physiotherapist to join Physiologix. She came to Australia to complete a post graduate Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. At Physiologix we are focused on providing our clients with therapists who have an extremely high level of experience and expertise thus ensuring the best, most up-to-date treatment and interventions available.  Here Teryn answers some questions giving us an insight into her incredible career to date.

Tell us about your involvement as a physio with the Canadian Men’s Hockey Team?

I worked with the team back in 2010, for practices, providing on-field management. I really enjoy working with hockey players as I competed at a high level in Canada myself and strive to get players back on the pitch as quickly as possible as I know how fantastic it is to get back in the game after an injury. 

You have done a research study into stiffness of the spine and pain. What did you find?

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