This is my 8th year working at the Australian Tennis Open in Melbourne. And it is always an exciting, action packed few weeks, with very little time to sit down! Every year the level of competition gets higher and higher. The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the year. The players have had their time off for the year, before entering into a grueling preseason training. As a result we see a huge amount of tendon injuries, not usually seen at other events.

kid injured carried off fieldThe answer is YES! A massive study in Scandinavia looked at 120 handball teams, 1837 players aged 15 to 17.  The aim was to see if the number of acute ankle and knee injuries could be reduced in the season by doing a good, sports specific, injury prevention warm up.  Over the season the number of injuries in the group that didn’t do a good warm up was 81 versus the group that did do the specific warm up was only 48.  As a parent, speak with the team coach and/or your child and ask what kind of warm up is being done. If you think it is not up to scratch, maybe send coaching staff the link to this article – no good coach wants to lose players over the year. 

newsletter tennisKirsty McNab is the owner and head physio of Physiologix Therapy Solutions based at the Gap Health and Racquet Club. This year was the fifth year that she worked at the

There are 2 changing rooms in the Rod Laver complex each with a treatment room attached. This enables players to come straight off court and onto a treatment bed or to have a match/practice warm up or taping done before they walk out onto court. One is a smaller quieter room for those players who prefer more calm before their matches, and the other change room is a big and very busy, noisy area where the music is always going.

Every morning the physio team meets for an hour before play starts to discuss all the players.

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